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The Sisters Of Mercy - Stonehenge

Label: Duck Production - SM 004 • Format: Vinyl LP, Unofficial Release, White Label Red • Country: Austria • Genre: Rock • Style: Goth Rock
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The Sisters of Mercy are an English rock band, formed in in Leeds. Currently, the band are a touring outfit only. The group has released three original studio albums, the last of which was released in Each album was recorded by a different line-up; singer-songwriter Andrew Eldritch and the drum machine called Doktor Avalanche are the only points of continuity throughout.

Eldritch and Avalanche were also involved in The Sisterhooda side-project connected with Eldritch's dispute with former members. The group ceased recording activity inwhen they went on strike against Time Warner, which they accused of incompetence and withholding royalties.

Although Time Warner released them from their contract inthey have not signed to another label nor released any new material, despite showcasing numerous new songs in their live sets. Sinceand the departure of the other original members, the Sisters of Mercy have become uniquely Eldritch's artistic vehicle.

Former members of the group established the bands Ghost Dance and The Mission. The Sisters of Mercy were formed in LeedsEngland, in by two regulars of the F-club punk night, Gary Marx and Andrew Eldritchto satisfy their desire to hear themselves on the radio. Millerwhich featured the Leonard Cohen song "Sisters of Mercy" from the album Songs of Leonard Praia Sol Saudade (Krikors Dub) - Various - Trip Do Brasil 2.5"because [calling ourselves] the Captains of Industry wouldn't have been as funny".

On the single Marx played guitar through a practice amplifier and Eldritch was on drums that he had bought from Jon Langford. The band regrouped with Craig Adams on bass, while Eldritch's drumming was replaced by a drum machineleaving him to concentrate on vocals.

The drum machine was christened "Doktor Avalanche", and all of its numerous successors kept this moniker. Eldritch took over lyrics-writing, Doktor-programming, and record-producing duties, while co-writing the music with Marx The Sisters Of Mercy - Stonehenge occasionally Adams.

This became what is generally recognised as the first real Sisters line-up. Since nobody can remember the exact date, for historic purposes the band and fans have often celebrated the anniversary of the concert of 16 Februaryin Alcuin CollegeYork which was the band's second gig. Later inBen Gunn was recruited as the Sisters' second guitarist. Eldritch's melancholic baritoneCraig Adams's pulsating bass, Doktor Avalanche's beat and Marx's flowing guitar led the band to early underground success.

The band's singles were regularly featured in UK independent charts; some became single of the week in various UK indie magazines. John Ashton of the Psychedelic Furs produced the early classic "Alice". The Reptile House E. Their live performances featured many cover versions: among those, a medley consisting of " Sister Ray " by the Velvet Underground"Ghostrider" by Suicide and " Louie Louie " by Richard Berry became a live staple.

In latefollowing the highly successful "Temple of Love" single, the band signed a contract with major record label WEA. At Faron Young - Ive Come To Say Goodbye / Nightmare same time Gunn left in an atmosphere of unanimous bitterness. Gunn stated that he did not agree with the direction Eldritch was taking the band, which, according to Gunn, started out as a joke on serious rock 'n' roll outfits, but eventually became one.

Gunn also mentioned personality conflicts with Eldritch as a reason for his departure. Gunn was replaced by Wayne Husseywho concentrated on string electric and acoustic guitars while also contributing as a songwriter.

His studio experience with Dead or Alive also proved to The Sisters Of Mercy - Stonehenge invaluable as the Sisters set out to record their first full-length album. However, the growing alienation between Eldritch and the rest of the group was getting out of hand during the recording of the debut First and Last and Always album. Eldritch's deteriorating health and psychological problems worsened the situation. The causes of these issues were frequently written about in the gossip Crying In The Rain - Various - More Rock N Roll Love Songs of the music press, NMEMelody Maker and Sounds.

Most songs on the album were written and rehearsed by Marx, Hussey, and Adams, with Eldritch stepping in at the last stage to write lyrics and add vocals. Allen producer of albums such as the Cure 's DisintegrationMarx split from the band in the middle of a Quintessence - Various - Bedroom Ambience 3 tour, citing inability to continue working with Eldritch.

The Sisters of Mercy completed Elle Est Partie - Various - Mega 80 tour as The Sisters Of Mercy - Stonehenge three-piece act, and said farewell to the fans with the final gig in London's Royal Albert Hall on 18 June Video recordings of this show were The Sisters Of Mercy - Stonehenge released as "Wake".

A music video of the song "Black Planet" was also released in The Sisters Of Mercy - Stonehenge the Monkeemobile was featured. Promotional videos were also made for the singles "Body and Soul", The Sisters Of Mercy - Stonehenge Away", and "No Time to Cry", but none of these videos, including "Black Planet", have been officially released yet by the band.

Shortly after the last gig Eldritch relocated to Hamburg, where he was soon joined by Hussey and Adams. Their intention was to begin working on a follow-up album, tentatively titled Left on a Mission and Revenge. Hussey had several written songs for the album, including "Dance on Glass" and "Garden of Delight".

Demo versions of both songs featuring Eldritch on The Sisters Of Mercy - Stonehenge have since surfaced, suggesting the band did work on the material in unison.

Eldritch has said to have pitched "Torch" as a potential song for the album, which culminated the long-standing tension between himself and Adams. After Eldritch's criticising the bass lines of the song, Adams unceremoniously left Germany for Britain, soon to be followed by Hussey. Hussey and Adams went on to form a new group called the Sisterhood.

Their setlists featured songs Hussey had intended for the Sisters of Mercy; he would later record and release many of them with his new group. Meanwhile, Eldritch protested against their usage of the Sisterhood name as too similar to the Sisters of Mercy and the name of his band's fan community. In an attempt to stop Hussey's band Eldritch released the single "Giving Ground" by his own band, the Sisterhood.

The single was later followed by the album Gift. Hussey's band eventually christened themselves the Mission. Hussey has since expressed regret about the entire incident.

We never recorded as the Sisterhood, we just went out and played some gigs. Andrew recorded as the Sisterhood, and since he released something prior to us he got to claim The Sisters Of Mercy - Stonehenge name. To be terribly honest Beside You In Time - Nine Inch Nails - With Teeth I think Andrew was right.

I mean, two members of the band going off and trading on their old band? It's like two ex-members of the Mission going off and naming themselves as the Missionaries. It's a bit cheap. According to the Mission's manager Tony Perrin, the case never went to court and Hussey's new band was able to release their material through an independent outlet.

However, Eldritch stated elsewhere that the "" which opens "Jihad" on the Sisterhood LP represents the sum of money he won from the Mission in the civil courts.

He states in an interview, recorded in Boston, that the English courts did not recognise either his or the other members' of the band's legal right to the name "the Sisterhood".

He said the courts required a release for anybody to claim ownership of the band name, which was the motivation for the initial Sisterhood single. Left to his own devices, Eldritch recorded Floodlandmarking The Sisters Of Mercy - Stonehenge shift away from guitar-based rock towards an atmospheric, Wagnerian rock and keyboard-oriented explorations pioneered on Gift.

The album was produced by Eldritch and Larry Alexander, with contributions from Jim Steinman on two songs, one of them being " This Corrosion ". Also, Respect - The OJays - Respect B-side featured "Torch", the last song from the previous line-up.

Then-manager Boyd Steemson maintains the chart success was no surprise for the band. We knew we had something with This Corrosion. The label was unsure that they kept the right person: they thought maybe they should have gone with Wayne, since The Mission were out touring and making records.

Eldritch has later considered producer Steinman to have been more pivotal in securing funding for additional production than the songs themselves.

But most of it I made in a suburb of Manchester, and there weren't that many sessions where we went to New York and put extra flimflam on the songs. Unfortunately if you ask middle-of-the-road type rock listeners what the Sisters sound like, they'll always think of the Steinman singles. Although Morrison played a significant part in Sisters of Mercy promotional duties appearing alongside Eldritch on music videos, interviews and photo shoots her musical contributions have been a matter of debate.

In Cheese Closet - The Onlies - Long Before Light, Eldritch had the following comments to make regarding their collaboration:. If I'd publicly pointed out at the time that I was effectively carrying Patricia as a passenger not what I'd had in mind, I might addthen I might not be faced with a stupid court case.

I thought it would be ungracious and not very supportive of me to point out at the time that she never wrote anything or played on the records, that while she was in the band she never picked up her guitar unless it was time to make a video.

No wonder she was unable to play it properly when called upon. The case has since been settled in court, which has led to a non-disclosure agreement between Morrison and Eldritch. Boyd Steemson later agreed that Morrison was not involved much musically, adding that.

Patricia's contribution [to Floodland] wasn't directly musical. Which is not to say it wasn't important, because the look, the feel, the image, if you're in a pop group, is very important. It was an intriguing relationship that had a lot of value — probably more value than Andrew realized at first. And when he did realize it, I think that's when he became very uneasy with Patricia. But her musical contributions were very minimal. The band did not play live during this period, but did mime The Sisters Of Mercy - Stonehenge of the Popsamong others.

The new line-up kicked off with the Vision Thing album, released in Octoberproduced by Eldritch one song, the single " More ", was a co-production and co-written with Steinman. The album also featured guitarist John Perry with backing vocals by Maggie Reilly. The title is from a quotation by then-Vice President George Bush in and it marked another change of direction, this time towards guitar-oriented rock.

The band launched a —91 world tour to promote the album. In they organised a controversial North American tour in double-act with Public Enemy. Fearing a clash between white fans of the Sisters with the black following of Public Enemy, several cities banned the performances, and the tour was cancelled halfway through. Late inbassist James left the group for his solo career; the band continued by using a pre-recorded backing track.

Conflicts with WEA led to the termination of the band's US record distribution deal circa —92, meaning later recordings are only available in the US as imports.

Under the insistence of the record company the band re-recorded their early single "Temple of Love" with Ofra Haza on additional vocals, and Tony James on bass to promote the collection of their early independently released singles, entitled Some Girls Wander By Mistake Early into the year, the band performed the track in Top of the Pops with Haza and Tony James, marking the final time the recording line-up for Vision Thing shared the stage.

The band's broke. I haven't worked out yet how a band can tour for a year at the Sisters' level and be broke at the end of it [ If I have to pay them off it will make us more broke for a while.

Meanwhile, Bruhn released his debut solo album, Broon. Bruhn claimed the songs on the album were offered for the next Sisters release, only to be rejected by Eldritch. Bricheno left by the end of the year and was replaced in by Adam Pearson.


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  1. The Sisters of Mercy are an English gothic rock band, formed in in Leeds. After achieving early underground fame there, the band had their commercial breakthrough in the mids and sustained it until the early s, when they stopped releasing new Genres: Gothic rock, post-punk.
  2. View credits, reviews, tracks and shop for the Vinyl release of Stonehenge on Discogs/5(2).
  3. Its name derives from the cover front which shows a full moon at night over the prehistoric monument of Stonehenge. According to the Phantom Twins' discography booklet, p, the first issue was on black vinyl and came in a laminated sleeve, The Sisters Of Mercy Fan Wiki;.
  4. The Religious Sisters of Mercy (R.S.M.) are members of a religious institute of Catholic women founded in in Dublin, Ireland, by Catherine McAuley (–). As of , the institute has about sisters worldwide, organized into a number of independent maladibeazelunenuardana.infoinfo people: Catherine McAuley.
  5. View credits, reviews, tracks and shop for the Blue Translucent, Printed Labels Vinyl release of Stonehenge on Discogs.
  6. View credits, reviews, tracks and shop for the Blue Vinyl release of Stonehenge on Discogs.
  7. Sisters of Mercy are Roman Catholic women of faith who commit our lives to God & serving those in need. Learn about our initiatives and get involved today.

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