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Fix Your Attitude - Märesvin - This Is Thrash Violence 2012 Demo

Label: Not On Label (Märesvin Self Released) - 001 • Format: Cassette • Country: Denmark • Genre: Rock • Style: Thrash
Download Fix Your Attitude - Märesvin - This Is Thrash Violence 2012 Demo

The resulting blend is quite crushing its apocalyptic aura also enhanced by the very shouty, angry death metal vocal. The pace remains within the mid-parametres for most of the time, but this isn't boring stuff, and the more vigorous gallops on "Evil's Slave" should do the trick for the rowdier side of the audience, including the short speedy saga "Blood on Fire".

Elsewhere it's power metal that rules the proceedings the band not very interested in the headbanging opportunities their approach may present. Blood On Fire Full-Length, Facebook DHUL KARNAIN SPAIN Based on the full-length, this act plays intnse, one-dimensional thrashcore which develops in a samey up-tempo for most of the time, except for a few very surprising lyrical, acoustis sections which, albeit pretty misplaced, serve as a nice interlude from the otherwise unmemorable bash, topped by quarrelsome punky vocals which don't miss the opportunity to show their Fix Your Attitude - Märesvin - This Is Thrash Violence 2012 Demo melodic side on the aforementioned calmer moments.

Some of the guys are also members of the thrash metal outfit Agony. The mixture works, and the concentration is more on the progressive side, when the compositions get really interesting, sounding not too far from Nevermore, or Chaoswave the excellent dark "Light Of The End"despite their losing some of their thrash metal appeal. The singer is not bad, coming as a cross between James Hetfield and Chris Holmes, maybe lower-tuned than both; he does a fairly good job on the nice balad "Chagrin".

The problem is that there are clean vocals, which are hardly necessary. The other thing which might annoy is that the band has forgotten about the pure more aggressive Fix Your Attitude - Märesvin - This Is Thrash Violence 2012 Demo numbers, which on their early efforts have always taken a considerable part, and there are not too many of them around "Hammer" comes to mind, but that's about all being replaced by less interesting groovy numbers "Through Difficulties To Defeat".

Clean vocals have been sneaked in now, and their symbiosis with the staple harsh ones is quite listenable. The music is not miles away from the Farscape's Germanic thrash-worship: it's more aggressive and will remind you of early Kreator and Sodom's "Persecution Mania", with a touch of death metal. The band plays fast and aggressively, with only "Nuclear Beast" being a deviation from the pattern moving towards a stomping heavy sound ala Celtic Frost; a great track, by the way. The final "March to Calvary" is a nice melodic addition mixing the carefree spirit of Motorhead with the more experimental arrangements of "Into the Pandemonium".

The vocalist is a dead ringer Texas (Sugar) - Difference Engine - Bloom Tom G. Warrior, maybe a bit higher-pitched. For a demo the sound Fix Your Attitude - Märesvin - This Is Thrash Violence 2012 Demo really clear boosting both the guitars and the expressive shouty singer whose quarrelsome antics fit the angry character of the music.

The vocalist is very close to the hysterical rendings of Jeff Walker Carcass serving them with a bit more attached, also lower-pitched, way. Welcome to "The Gallery of Bleeding Art"! The fast blizkrtieg numbers the raging "Pavor Nocturnus" aptly alternate with Fix Your Attitude - Märesvin - This Is Thrash Violence 2012 Demo more seriously-plotted compositions "Vertigo" bordering on the progressive and the technical, especially on the jumpy unpredictable "The One Who Bleeds".

It works well maybe losing focus here and there, but is by all means worth exploring on future releases. The guys thrash with no remorse putting to Thunderbolt City - Andrew Coltrane - Sound Test Training most of the practitioners of this massive sub-genre both at home and abroad.

With At the Gates already gone by that time, this outfit looked like their most worthy successors raising the level up due to the numerous unobtrusive technical nuances. One would find it really hard to sit still on compulsive moshers like "Dead Angel's Choir" and "Until The Day Arrives", both short explosive cuts served with style to spare.

The band took a long break instead of capitalizing on their masterful command of the style which was head and shoulders above most of the At the Gates "wannabes" roaming the scene at the time.

The vocals now are very brutal and guttural, and the longer compositions are quite reminiscent of The Project Hate served with a pinch of industrial. This is by all means a suprise, but not a very pleasant one, at least to these ears who expected a further elaboration on their already fairly effective style.

The music is laid-back, seldom bites with power, and the most aggressive thing is probably the vicious semi-death metal vocals. When the guys give up thrashing with speed, at which they are not good at all, they manage to produce nice mid-paced epic tracks "Day of the Antichrist" in the spirit of mid-period Bathory and their compatriots Destroyer The rest is raw primitive thrash with no many musical merits, trying to emulate the sloppy production qualities of the early 80's attempts at more extreme music.

The "Surrounded by Evil" EP is "graced" by another sloppy production, if not even sloppier, with the delivery moving up the aggression scale a bit this time, to introduce more speed, but all be prepared to cry on the 3-min soporific, balladic cut "Fathomless Dungeon". Otherwise, the band lashes out pretty intensely the furious piece "Surrounded by Evil" reaching a mid-period Razor-like aggression with ease.

The closing "The Prophecies Of Doom" has nothing to do with doom, but is the fastest song, belonging more to the speed metal genre. The vocalist hasn't improved a lot not, singing in a distorted semi-declamatory manner, often ending up buried in the noisy background. The music is quite fast and relentless throughout, and the singer is the ultimate low-tuner, an extreme grunter of the least comprehensible type.

Reportedly on their earlier demos the band were more thrash metal-inclined, although this may be hard to beleive having in mind this vocalist. The singer is a cool attached cleaner with a tember not far from the one of Hansi Kursch Blind Guardian. The singer has a drunken tember which at its most inspired may remind you of Gerre Tankard. The variety is quite big throughout, but the musicianship isn't that great for one to stand with this recording till the end although "Picture of Ruin" is not a bad shredder with covert semi-technical tendencies, and "Foreshadowing" is a nice melo-thrasher ruuined by the gruff unrehearsed deathy vocals and the horrible production which at least favours the good bass performance.

This is direct simplistic music which sounds like a rehearsal for a bit more coherent effort. Some duller modern elements can be heard, and the energy gets lost near the middle, on a short string of mellow power metal numbers, but this work scores way higher than the bland offerings from their more renowned compatriots from around the same time. The music is not bad, but the first couple of songs merge into one another being all of the pounding mid-paced crunchy type, and the demo takes off on "Live Or Die" in the middle which is a cool more dynamic epic thrasher ala Bifrost and Drifter.

The closing "Empire Tomorrow" is a more complex progressive cut lasting for nearly 9-min although again there are only heavy stomping riffs floating around without any more exciting deviations. The singer now sings in a subdued deathy manner, semi-shouting whenever appropriate, but suiting the minimalistic samey approach.

Few would be those to stay until the end which is a pleasant surprise the only one here : a cool energetic cover of Whiplash's "Power Thrashing Death"; unfortunately, there's not much of a "power thrashing death" to be heard here The same combination is successfully achieved elsewhere as the stylish dissonant riffage on "In An Eternal Lament I Drown" greatly helps the proceedings recalling Vektor. The songs are lengthy virtuous exercises in musicianship which at times takes more sprawling, almost operatic proportions the end of "Misery In The World"at others some impetuous robotic headbanging "Moreover Imagination" takes over to puzzle the listener who will by all means have fun with the more immediate material "Cheers With My Destiny".

Some of the guys also play in another classic thrash metal formation, Executed. The EP is a more aggressive and a more linear offering the band bashing with passion still filling the landscape with itnricate rifforamas as evident from the opening fast-paced title-track. Overall it's speed and intensity that rule here the more technical flourishes Sur-rur - Ajan Paksu Lakana more as a background at this early stage, still making this effort a sure pick for fans of more serious, thought-out metal.

The songs are often lengthy with the word "progressive" coming to mind more than now and then includng several quite intriguing technical thrash sections "Enola Gay, etc. Still, this is a larger-than-life offering which will have a wide appeal despite being fairly overdone at times. The guys sometimes speed up, and then they evoke another veteran from the 80's: the Canadians Slaughter.

Heavy pounding riffs aplenty will one find here, but don't expect a very high level of musicianship. Even cool melodic leads are present on at least half of the tracks. The gruff Tom G. Warrior-like vocals which fit perfectly on the older material, here are simply misplaced, and now the more invigorated delivery would benefit Hold On Me (Xplosive Vocal) - Kenny Glasgow - Hold On Me a higher singer.

The "Mercenaries of Hell" EP is just two songs: "Mercenaries Planet Earth and Otherwheres - Kluge - Things Mean a Lot Hell", already heard on the following full-length, and the cool faithful cover version of The rest has this dirty Venom sound and is consequently not as aggressive the closing "Robe And Crown" even acquiring sombre doomy tendencise, but only to a positive effect check out the very good melodic leads on this one.

The tempo doesn't change much throughout being mid-paced and not very adventurous hitting the doom metal registers "One In The Chamber" at times.

The full-length is an elaboration on the demo the band playing laid-back melodic thrash which exits the trite patterns with the more casual technical flair the sterile mor ecomplex shreds on "To Die Proud". The lead guitar work is striking making cuts like "Differing From the Norm" a delight to listen to. The vocals are rough death metal ones and are not on par with the much better music. The band marches on alternating fast with slower tracks, throwing in the odd more complex, epic-tinged composition "Tears Of Blood".

The second half is more diverse and mellower, comprising the more speed metal-based cut "Bad Blood" which boasts a great lyrical semi-balladic ending; the heavy ballad "No Escape"; with sparce outbursts of energy the short "rager" "Rage". The closing "Where I Belong" is a lengthy doomy semi-ballad which is hardly the most fitting epitaph to this varied, for better or worse, affair. The 2nd half is mellower with mid-paced numbers following each other to a not very impressive effect despite the preserved sharp edge of the guitars and the presence of the good dramatic semi-clean vocals.

The guys find their stride on the dark galloper "Our Souls on Flesh", but expect more serious arrangements on the progressive "The Sound of Rain" tasteful acoustic passages provided as well as less restrained proto-deathy breaks "Lyons Rise", the rigorous mosher "Sacrifice In the Slag". The mixture is not completely bad, but the groove dominates leaving the more intense death metal material seeming like a "remnant" from the past where the guys had reportedly played brutal Fix Your Attitude - Märesvin - This Is Thrash Violence 2012 Demo metal.

Pensive balladic Fence Walker-Part 2 - Stephen Whynott - Apology To The Animals & Lost Land "The Last Nail" contort the dry, mechanical "idyll", but there's no aggressive thrashing lost on the ripping progressiver "Pry Open Your Third Eye", and on the cool sterile headbanger "How Long Has Daddy Been Dead" which recalls the mid-period Annihilator exploits.

The leads score really high providing addictive melodic lines. The singer doesn't shine, but his hoarse semi-clean punk-ish delivery lifts up the mood. This is very feelgood stuff with not many merits to Fix Your Attitude - Märesvin - This Is Thrash Violence 2012 Demo thrash metal movement. Still, pieces like "Kilt" Fix Your Attitude - Märesvin - This Is Thrash Violence 2012 Demo "Velniop" are brisk headbangers with a crossover shade, although their number is less than the one of the heavy groovers.

The singer is an attached semi-shouter who acquires gruffer tones here and there to match the seismic values of the musical delivery. The groove rules on the longer material where some good progressive attempts "The Blind Man Fucked Up The Fix Your Attitude - Märesvin - This Is Thrash Violence 2012 Demo are ruined by the unimaginative song-writing. The vocalist doesn't do a very good job, either, shouting hysterically at times even on the mellower balladic sections "Soong 5".

The music seldom leaves the mid-pace, but the guitars twist and turn bringing the sound close to progressive, in a way not dissimilar to the last Hexenhaus album, their compatriots Fix Your Attitude - Märesvin - This Is Thrash Violence 2012 Demoand Nevermore; on the few mellower passages another Swedish act may come to mind: Evergrey.

This will be no paradise for the headbangers since there are no fast moments except on a few isolated sections mostly used as finishing touches "The Other Place" contains a very short furious black metal blasting passageand the balladic interludes are inevitable, especially on the colossal min opus "As The Light Is Fading". Still "Something Not Sunlight" is the only number staying more on a doom metal ground also offering a fine balladic moment where the singer helps a lot with his tember quite close to Dave Gahan Depeche Mode.

The guys are also involved in the thrash metal act Paincraze also reviewed here. The rest is too deeply buried in those heavy, unmelodic chugs which would delight more the Die Krupps, Swamp Terrorists, and Front Line Assembly fans, including on the mroe engaging doomy progressiver "Those Who Make Things Work".

It completely lacks variation and intensity with all songs merging into one another. The riffage becomes kind of intriguing at times and the melodic licks are not totally inappropriate, albeit too contrasting to the unpleasant shouty death metal vocals. This is a jumpy affair which would hardly please the die-hard fans of the style, but those who favour the more modern trends will find quite a bit to like here.

The psychedelia becomes quite hard to swallow again on "Malfunctioning Gears", but "Bound in Stone" shreds with might and wil bring a lot Lady - OChi Brown - OChi smiles on the thrash and death metal fan's face for just over 3-min.

The final "Odd Feats Are Bid and Won" offers a digestion of what was heard before closing this superior effort with the last portion of puzzling, ultra-technical performance which also touches Atheist on the most hectic, frantic moments.

The EP is already a pretty complicated listen the opening "Trophy Wives Under the Influence" being a hallucinogenic chaotic headbanger at its least comprehensive; and "Architect" being a sure leftover from Martyr's "Feeding the Abscess" with its weird, quirky rhythmic patterns and jumpy dissonant Voivod-ish decisions. With this short effort the band have already shown that they're one of the true auteurs on the scene at present, and the very strong full-length which followed suit 2 years later should be no surpsise whatsoever.

The approach is melodic, and the overall approach recalls the US underground legends Holy Terror, with the same penchant for soaring speed metal antics, some of which are purely instrumental "Stimulant". The musicianship is on a decent level, but the guys don't take themselves too seriously at this stage, as evident from Песня Про Радость (Дум-Дум-Че-Гевара) - Сергей Галанин - Я Такой, Как Все of the song-titles "Hit the Road", "Miss P Do Dirty", etc.

The singer has a clean high-strung voice, but he misses the mark more than just now and then, not using his wider range to a good effect, singing in a mid-ranged nasal fashion with awkward adherences to the higher registers. Still, this remains cool stuff with numerous infectious melodies, and a stylish choice for a cover version, of the obscure NWOBHM act Crucifixion "On the Run"done in a light-hearted, carefree manner probably faithful to the original? The same year the band was also nominated in 5 other categories: best band, best drummer, best singer, best demo, and best bass player: a really good start to what should have been a successful career.

The last demo stays true to the classic sound, thrashing intensely although the melodic guitar hooks are here again, culminating on the cool semi-ballad "I Dont Mind Bad Feelings ". A very mixed bag, would not appeal to the average thrash metal fan. The singer is a typical punky semi-reciter, but gets the job done without pouring a lot of emotion. So this is mostly death metal stuff spiced with more laid-back thrashy breaks which work well alongside the raging blast-beating sections.

The tempos are vivid and brisk and the lead Ibiza Teil II (Wenn Du Mich Brauchst) - Various - Fetenhits - Schlager work is not bad at all. More sweeping speediness on "Underground" the latter kind of missing from the long encompassing closer "Bane and Reverence" which tries to jump on the progressive wagon and featires some of the best leads to come out of Australia of the new millennium.


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  2. It has the old-fashioned charm combined with more aggression than virtually anything from those years, and it definitely has aged well. This is pure ear candy, and wasting your money on DTP Demo means your money doesn't go to waste. If this is a cash grab, it's one hell of a respectable cash grab among all the 80s thrash cash grabs in the.
  3. DooM - Demo 4# () - Now this is realy rare. This DooM demo was recorded somewhere in the end of or begining after guitarist Bri left the band. This DooM demo was recorded somewhere in the end of or begining after guitarist Bri left the band.
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  6. They don't try to dazzle you with speed, or impress you with technicality, they're just here for a brutal assault of thrash metal and that's exactly what you get with Epidemic of Violence. Demolition Hammer plays a brand of death/thrash that can only be described as a mindless brutal onslaught.

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