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TMOC - Slugshit - Slime The Bones

Label: Human Discount Recs. - HD074 • Format: CDr Mini, Limited Edition, Numbered • Country: Italy • Genre: Rock • Style: Grindcore
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Toggle navigation. Pearl is hopelessly in love with monsters and killers. Bob is hopelessly in love Let Down - Gregorian - Best Of 1990 - 2010 Pearl. Ten terrible stories mocking Creepypasta tropes and icons. If you're a fan of the absurd, this is for you. Author Info. Nelson was my science teacher. He was the first one to introduce me to the existence of skeletons.

Sure, I had seen them in cartoons and the passing snippets of horror movies my parents wouldn't let me watch. However, up until that point they had been unknown, foreign creatures that simply existed beyond my realm of understanding. Nelson was already bored with his own lesson.

I raised my TMOC - Slugshit - Slime The Bones . Nelson laughed, as well. I guess it broke up the monotony of his week, so I suppose I can't blame him as much now as I did then.

The skull, the ribs, and so on. They fit together and provide a basic structure for the human form. Nelson walked over to my desk, leaned down, and uttered the words that would haunt me Lionel Hampton - Vol.

1 Stompology the rest of my life. Worst of all, I was still entirely confused. The idea of one of those creepy, clattering monsters living inside of me was too much to handle. Up until this point, I TMOC - Slugshit - Slime The Bones convinced the things came out at night and tap-danced to xylophone music. I was so disturbed that I talked to my older Penetra-Shun - Constant Con-Tact - Penetra-Shun about the ordeal at school.

We had never been close, and as an adult I realize it's because I antagonized her simply by being a boy she couldn't dress up without a struggle.

She just stared at me for a moment. Then she laughed, much like the others. In animals, too. The dog has bones in him. He eats bones. She rolled her eyes. Seeing I was mortally disturbed by the concept, she TMOC - Slugshit - Slime The Bones me to the kitchen and started putting on a science lesson of her own.

She pulled a banana from the bunch and set it on the counter in front of me. See how the peel is just floppy and gross now? It's not even shaped like a banana anymore. That's because it's only the skin, and it needs the skeleton inside to keep everything in shape.

From then on, I was a fat kid. I learned what made people skinny and what made people heavy. When all of this started, I could feel my ribs and my pelvis through the skin. It was like constantly checking under the bed and seeing the monster every single time I looked. Try as I might, however, I could never cover up my skull enough to forget it existed. Teeth were a TMOC - Slugshit - Slime The Bones problem once I learned they were bones.

Well, close enough. I let them rot and drop out of my head, going so far as to try pulling my own teeth when there was nothing wrong. I attempted slamming the door with string attached to them, wiggling them furiously with my fingers, and more. My first girlfriend at college was heavy-set like me. She was the perfect woman as far as looks went. I could barely see a bone on her. Of course, after a few months she suggested we both go on a diet together and give each other support I couldn't tell TMOC - Slugshit - Slime The Bones the truth, so I just started acting like an asshole until she left.

I would've hung myself in the dorm, or jumped from the Cherish The Day - Various - Fido Apresenta Número 1 tower, but the idea of becoming a corpse, rotting away, and leaving behind the bones for all time held me back.

Being alone again I began thinking a lot about that day when Mr. Nelson completely ruined my ignorant bliss. Then, the solution presented itself. It was one of those moments where your mind has been working over a problem for so long that you forget you were even looking for an answer. The whole thing just became crystal clear immediately and without warning. After a quick trip to the drug store, I had everything I needed.

Alcohol, pills, gauze, various cutting tools, and heavy-duty trash bags for all the garbage I was about to get rid of. I thought back to the example Sis had given me. I began to peel myself. If I should live until I wake, I pray the web my death to fake. It's especially creepy knowing that it's possible for someone to be mentally disturbed enough to do something like this. Another one of my favourites from you! Ugh, felt sick after reading this I mean, it really got to me for some reason Good story.

Reviewed content or content posted to this forum by others is the property of whoever owns it, obviously! No original content may be used to generate revenue by any persons other than the author without prior written consent. Got Slime? SMF 2. Logged If I should live until I wake, I pray the web my death to fake. Good story Logged Print Pages: [ 1 ] Slimebeast.


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  1. "The skeleton is a set of bones," he composed himself quickly, "It's like a frame for your body. The skull, the ribs, and so on. They fit together and provide a basic structure for the human form." Mr. Nelson walked over to my desk, leaned down, and uttered the words that would haunt me for the rest of my life. "You've got skeleton bones in you!".
  2. I really love northern pike I just hate all the bones I always have to pick out of the meat." I never knew how simple it is to remove those nasty y-bones. On my very first trip to Lake Kabetogama in northern Minnesota it took four days to catch our first fish: a small northern pike. With a bit of coaching from the resort owner, I cleaned it for dinner.
  3. The Bone slime TheSmilyMaker. 0 + Follow - Unfollow 4px arm (Classic) Background The Bone slime TheSmilyMaker. 0 + Follow - Unfollow Posted on: Oct 07, About 2 years ago. 3 0 0. This slime covered himself in a cyborg suit with a exo-armor made of bones that he took from dead enemies.
  4. Apr 21,  · I͟d͟l͟e͟g͟l͟a͟n͟c͟e͟ Bones - TheGrandestNothing (UNRENDERED) | Lyrics ⇣ Turn on Notifications 🔔 ️ for new lit Music & Visuals ☁️ Soundcloud • https://soundcl.
  5. Oct 10,  · Hey AWESMR fans! Today we're going to be making Orbeez Slime, Beados Slime, and Play Foam Slime using Balloons! These slimes are super fun and easy to make and also very satisfying. Hope you enjoy.
  6. Oct 25,  · We're heading out on a Florida vacation to Santa Rosa Beach located along the scenic Highway 30A. It's Addy and Maya's fall break from school and we are going on a .
  7. Stream Slime - Company, a playlist by Slime from desktop or your mobile device. Debut album, "Company", will be released on Domino imprint Weird World on 14th August. More info here - slime. it/SlimeCompany WW - ww. marturl.

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