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Vánargandr - Ok Vigs Fotum Ver Skiptum

Label: Black Axis Productions - axis 005 • Format: CDr Album, Limited Edition, Numbered • Country: New Zealand • Genre: Electronic • Style: Dark Ambient, Noise, Experimental
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Post a Comment. Total Pageviews. In particular, Vánargandr - Ok Vigs Fotum Ver Skiptum history in New Zealand. This interview goes into depth on both these topics. It's also the longest interview ever published on Subcide Webzine. So much so that it's test the size limits of 'Blogger' and meant I have to post it in two parts. I'll post part 2 in a few days, but in the meantime get your head around this! I understand you have been involved in Same Old Situation - Sublime With Rome - Yours Truly Occult groups in NZ over the years and are quite knowledgeable in the history of such things here.

Could you please give a run down of your involvement in this and an over view of where you are now personally? I will keep this rather brief, but also advise that there are some details that I will be purposefully laconic on, or exclude entirely.

Initially, domestically based, I had some involvement with the then Order of the Left Hand Path OLHPwhich certainly had an influence on the nascent ideas that I had already been formulating prior to contact. The Magister, Faustus Scorpius, became a good friend of mine, albeit we ultimately ending up moving in drastically different directions, as reflective of what we each felt were most important to the aims and goals that we each had and have.

There were a limited release of these also with black covers and an embossed silver wolf hook cross. AT was closed because new opportunities and possibilities were beginning to evolve which I wished to focus on, and it had become a full time job at that time which I was unable to continue to any logical conclusion.

Contacts along the way in New Zealand also lead to contacts with various other groups, e. At the time of writing, there is continued discussion about the resurrection and re-invigorating of The Black Order of Pan-Europa, which may make an external presence again in the near future. This is partially because the outer Order was destroyed by internal schism before it managed to achieve any of its aims, and because the vitality of the Order and its ethos remains. Some of the old Vánargandr - Ok Vigs Fotum Ver Skiptum of the Order will be discarded, although the original mission statement, in large, remains relevant.

I would envision that this would accordingly include a deeper dynamic, i. What do you try to convey through its sound and imagery? The form employed is moreso representative of the Acausal, which by its very nature appears chaotic, albeit also limitless in its delivery and execution. I dislike most modern forms of music nowadays irrespective, especially since most are nothing more, but often quite less, than entertainment, and not works of art, nor swords of death and do no re-presence anything whatsoever.

It would also be convenience and ease to employ a more musical approach, or to use instruments to try and communicate the Sinister essence, so the challenge is to create something from the mouth and flesh of the living Nexion. Also including forthcoming titles and what can be expected of them. How can these all releases be obtained? Thus, of course, Oh Girl - Leo Sayer - Here incrementing usage of images of Death Worship and indeed, Aeonic Death Magick on the whole.

That such is not evident to some, is merely an indication of their lack of cognition, and lack of comprehension of such things for the greater part. Veiled insidious poisons. That which causes expression of itself via the implementation or provocation of acts which in their design achieve long-term aims beyond the causal death of an individual; changing aspects of a society Vánargandr - Ok Vigs Fotum Ver Skiptum significant creations and thus changing a whole race of people - Vánargandr - Ok Vigs Fotum Ver Skiptum the Destiny or Wyrd of the ethos of a civilization.

Acts that inaugurate a New Aeon. Suchlike already is the rule, disappointingly, and not the exception. Essentially, what which was, has been, and will not be again. Very rough improvised recordings, using anachronistic techniques, layered vocals, and lots of tape hiss.

Audio Militant - Various - Roil Noise Offensive Sampler #2 this release, there was the proposal that we do a split demo with a French project with whom we had a philosophical connection, however this was cancelled due to issues on our Ballin - Drizza Man - Everything Official. Said project dissolved soon thereafter regardless.

Never properly released, although bootlegged by someone that it was sent to in Hellas. Very rushed recording completed in Vánargandr - Ok Vigs Fotum Ver Skiptum matter of hours. Came with booklet, and the first 20 copies in handmade black sleeves. Various versions exist, none with the same improvised material. Mostly Vánargandr - Ok Vigs Fotum Ver Skiptum using harsh effects, keyboards and a limited sampler self-made samples.

Was to have been released by a French label that disappeared after being sent the master. This was to have been issued by another French label, which also disappeared.

Handmade black covers with black text. There are some versions of the rough, un-mastered, mixes floating around. More harsh than the first, but again with tracks all around the 5minute mark. Uralten Todgeist Promo : 3 advance tracks in 2 different forms — original recordings and Oppression Remixes.

Some other copies made with standard covers, omitting the remixes. First 2 rituals released on cassette only, although from Ritual III onwards it is likely that the CD-R medium will be employed due to the scarcity of cassettes and the unreliability of suppliers. Someone even got a live 5.

It is possible that the complete Tenebris series may be re-issued as a complete set in the future, with individual art pieces. Contrasted to earlier works, this one has a more focused and Death Industrial approach, which will be augmented in the future.

Much Vánargandr - Ok Vigs Fotum Ver Skiptum complex tracks than previously, and a solid foundation upon which further works will be built. The following have also been recorded but remain unreleased:. Early on, some material was also made available on-line through the late mp3. A theme, and title, has already been found for the next full length release, but details will not be disclosed at this juncture.

The seeds of the fifth Tenebris Ritual have also been sown already. In November I saw you performing in support of Vassafor.

As a back drop to this you had graphic vomit and piss porn projected on the back wall. What were you intending to convey with this? What else have you used or intend to use as an aesthetic to your live performance? The design and intent was really to demonstrate the contempt of life on the whole, and the degradation of humanity… It is understood that at said Wellington show the audience was reviled by the screening, which again is more characteristic of those that profess but do not adhere.

Ideally however, this would not be a film, but part of the performance itself. Finding suitable persons to participate however is difficult, mainly due to the pain and suffering that is inflicted.

Even locating people into receiving relentless sadism outside of a live performance is problematic although not impossiblebecause most of those into it still like to maintain control of the circumstances.

In saying that, we do wish to try and introduce a more ceremonial and ritual aspect to live performances, which is hinted at already via the use of ritual robes. All Vánargandr - Ok Vigs Fotum Ver Skiptum change however. Could you talk bit about the material that will be included on the Altar of Perversion and Vassafor splits?

What can listeners expect? How would you describe them? The track itself is in a constant form of flux and development, and still provides a fitting accompaniment to Altar of Perversion. Given the age of the track however, it will be updated and partially re-recorded in the near future. It is still to be released via Ajna Offensive. We have, with some admittance, not listened to this track for several years now, although having recently done so it is felt that there is still a foundation to build upon and augment, rather than commence a new recording from scratch.

This is due to the ethos captured within said track, its attendant atmosphere and the Vánargandr - Ok Vigs Fotum Ver Skiptum with which it was recorded, which continues to lie consonant with the founding and prevailing idea. There are 2 splits to be completed with Vassafor, the first on Parasitic Records, and the second through Psychedelic Lotus Cassandra - Brent Titcomb - Healing Of Her Heart. Both should be out in or early This particular piece, again, marks a definitive progression and difference from other works — formative use of percussion and order disintegrating noise and vocals.

The key, as with any split release, is to compliment and honour those on the other sides, to create work that is worthy of being considered in the same breath, rather than a pitiful ride on the power of their virtue and name. The intent will be to create something harsh and fittingly cruel and draconian; to contrast different facets and Acausal influences.

Key Of Alocer zine collection care of Kris Stanley. The other being Kerry Bolton who was behind 'Order of the Left Hand Path' in the early 90s but later showed up as national secretary of the National Front around and has apparently been involved in Christian groups at times. What has your take been on these things?

I used to regularly meet with both Abaaner and Kerry for several years, although severed contact with them some time ago. Much like a lot of other people, I was in early contact with Abaaner during the initial Key of Alocer days living as I was in a different part of the countrybut found that there were a lot of flaws in his presented persona — kind of the erring feeling that there were things which weren't really there, which I confirmed with contact with a few other people at that time, and consolidated when I met him.

The core is that he never got beyond his Christian upbringing, but failed to recognise it, and fell into the murky waters of the Abyss, becoming transfixed by his reflection therein; in Jungian terms his Shadow overpowered him rather than became integrated, and he failed to achieve even the early stages of Individuation, despite his insistence otherwise.

The poor in spirit will always be the poor in spirit. There is no victory without sacrifice, and no sacrifice without bloodshed. This is even more so true, when one doesn't even have the courage to wield the sword at the start, let alone the strength the carry it. In closing, Abaaner was also filled with. This is something that someone else identified in part, having completed a number of psychological studies. His wife and I used to joke that Kerry was cultivating me as his prodigy as well, which felt like an honour at the time.

My view at this juncture is that my relationship with him served a purpose, and nothing beyond that. Kerry is, and will always be to my mind, a torrid Shout - Black Friday - Can You Feel It? tempestuous individual who oscillates in seemingly paradoxical ways, but always from a key foundation.

A lot of people may be confused by the shifts that have occurred over time, but for those that know him, there is nothing to be confused about — especially if we draw some parallels to, for example given, a figure like David Myatt.

Ultimately, there is no nostalgia, no warm memories to be reflected on; that which was, shall never again be, and shall not be mourned. Continued in part two No comments:. Newer Post Older Post Home. Subscribe to: Post Comments Atom.


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  2. The following is inscribed on a silver neck ring dating from around AD found in Senja in Troms County: Fórum drengja Fríslands á vit ok vígs fótum vér skiptum. This translates as: “We travelled to meet the valiant men of Frisia (and) we divided the spoils of the fight.” Runes used on memorial stones.
  3. Preparing the Way for the Opening Nexion - sample Tenebris II - sample Live December - sample.
  4. Jun 26,  · A couple of the first releases by Vánargandr could have been considered more “musical” in their delivery (e.g. “Ok Vigs Fotum Ver Skiptum” and “Under Twilight Skies”), but this has been abandoned since , although there are a number of unreleased and .
  5. May 07,  · Vanargandr Untitled VII, released The latest comp from the excellent Good Glass label is a guide to the modern synth scene—a must for fans of retrofuturist electronics.

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