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Humiliation / Oldskull - Death Crawling / Night Howler


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Author's note: Sorry for the delay guys. Wow, I was really surprised with how many reviews, favs and follows I got! Thank you so much guys! Anyway, read and review, and a little trigger warning, things will get pretty violent and scary nothing too much, this T after all, but still One more thing: this chapter I've tried adding a bit more descriptions, to set the scene better.

Should I continue with this style of writing, or is too much description too boring? The neighbourhood itself was one of the worst places in Zootopia to find yourself at night. Petty wolf and weasel gangs fighting over scraps of filthy streets and abandoned businesses. The warehouse was from a time in which the neighbourhood had seen better days: Judy and Nick were able to notice large garage doors, expensive red brick and designs that would have been considered cutting-edge twenty years ago.

Even this ghost of warehouse, with broken windows, peeled walls and old rusty trucks that have long been stripped for parts by gangs, showed that long ago, this was a relatively well-off working industrial neighbourhood. This, with all the money I got from hustling and petty thefts was all I could afford. Even then, Noches De Curucusi - Zulma Yugar - Embrujo there were still some honest business mammals around, it was a real sinkhole.

But, the rent was cheap, so I stuck around longer than I ought to. Even made some friends within Humiliation / Oldskull - Death Crawling / Night Howler of the gangs, which saved my tail more than once. It tore her heart to shreds hearing of the hardships Nick had went through, but she needed to find out. Sold him an apparently very expensive rug that was worthless.

Not skunk butt levels, but still pretty damn close. And his pawn shop was what was giving the majority of the money to some wolf gang's protection money racket. When the weasel closed down, most of the gang's cash flow went down with it. Luckily, I had a friend within that gang and he warned me when the leader, a wolf called Carl "Carnivore" Johnson was coming to flail my hide off me. Dont Change Your Mind - UM - Apes And Cow-Boys wouldn't have been pretty, heard that these guys have got execution techniques nearly as nasty as the tiger Triads from Snarlhai or Hong Paw.

Why did Nick have to go through all that simply because he was a fox? Simply because other mammals didn't offer him a chance? Though I doubt they'd recognize me now.

The one who… tackled me. That was simply something she didn't want to see on the muzzle that normally had such a sly, happy-go-lucky smile… Nick was silent for the next few seconds. They both walked around the warehouse, looking at it, trying to deduce if there was, indeed, still someone inside, as Duke Weaselton had informed.

Not that they were doubting the weasel, but they Humiliation / Oldskull - Death Crawling / Night Howler barge in without a warrant or probable cause. Nick looked in the distance through the chainlink fence and through the bottom Humiliation / Oldskull - Death Crawling / Night Howler windows, his natural night vision allowing him to see far more than Judy could see, something which he always bragged about whenever they were investigating a crime scene together.

He focused his eyes further, trying his best to see through the distance, the dusty window and the almost complete darkness. Any lights left there from the owner would have been long burned out by now!

Someone's done some slight refurbishing! Sherlock Hound, I think we can deduce that someone's been here far more easily. And the extremely obvious brand-new replaced padlock. Right…" Nick had to fight hard not to facepalm.

When it came to quick reasoning and deduction, and spotting the more obvious yet important clues still was Judy's forte, it seems…. Nick, we don't have a warrant! This was something Nick didn't like about Judy as a cop: always by the book, never straying from procedure unless she was absolutely certain it would yield the solution of the case.

The fact that someone was there at some point doesn't prove anything, procedure-wise! I agree, it's inconvenient, but we need a warrant if we don't want trouble with Bogo! He knew that the debate was won.

Judy groaned. Even if not always by the book…" said Nick, beginning to climb the chainlink fence. Judy rolled her eyes and jumped a good six feet, arriving near the top of the fence, climbing the rest with remarkable ease. She arrived on the other side in less than five seconds, waiting for the less nimble Nick Humiliation / Oldskull - Death Crawling / Night Howler climb over himself. Suddenly, Judy thought she had heard something.

She wasn't sure what, but her ears circled around, as if searching for the source…. You can spin your ears more than I can spin my tail. Just like radar dishes. You're cleaning my room with it. You bunnies always hear everything.

The prospect of death scares a criminal more than taking a Humiliation / Oldskull - Death Crawling / Night Howler. It's purely for the intimidation purpose, I'm not shooting anyone. Clawhan taught me that. Judy rolled her eyes.

Why am I not surprised? Truth be told, she had a lot of respect for the panther herself, but he went overboard way too often for her, she always wanted to be as by the book as possible. Nick quickly took a position by the door and carefully opened it. Guess they figured that was enough.

Because let's be honest, Grand Étude-Fantasy - Carter Pann - Joel Hastings - The Pianos 12 Sides cartel goons weren't exactly the sharpest tools in the shed.

Still, it's weird that they didn't even bar it. As soon as they entered the warehouse, Judy took out her elephant tranquilizer and flashlight.

The warehouse looked as if it had been abandoned for years: rusty shelves with boxes with company logos that went bankrupt years ago, dust literally floating in the air with a musty stench, making Nick gag and for once curse his keen sense of smell.

There were two double doors on either side of the room, which were remarkably the sturdiest objects around. Peeled wallpapers advertising dated technology and foodstuff were plastered to the cracked, shrivelled walls.

Only thing good about them was that you could have probably had a rhino trample it and it survived. Suddenly, Judy's ears shot up and she pointed her tranq gun at the roof. You guys really do hear everything. Still, Judy couldn't shake the feeling that she really had heard something in the vents.

These types of warehouses had very thick walls, the sound of someone crawling through the vents Swerve - DRC - Androidgeny have been muffled enough for her to just barely hear it… Nick sniffing the air and arching his body up and down brought her out of her thoughts. There were definitely people here. Smells like cheap grass men's cologne.

Even though she had been partnered with Nick for more than two months now and they had already solved more cases than any rookie officers, her friend's amazing sense of smell still baffled her.

Nick had a keen nose, even for a predator. Nick, you go right, looks like it's darker down there, you can surprise or scout on whatever suspects are in here without turning on your flashlight. On the left looks like a wide open storage area, plenty of air ducts and places to hide, my hearing will come in handy.

We'll stay in contact via radio. Nick cracked a smile and made a little salute. Aye, aye, sir. It's not like I called you 'cute'… even though it's true Cute bunny…" chuckled Nick, this time being prepared for Judy's reaction and dodging her blow.

Let's go kick some tails! Judy sighed and rolled her eyes, but fist bumped her partner anyway Humiliation / Oldskull - Death Crawling / Night Howler they parted ways.

Nick creaked open the door, wincing at how much noise the ancient rusty door was capable of producing. He noticed a light switch on the wall, but ignored it, instead using his natural night vision to see through the darkness.

He held the gun forward, left paw beneath the clip, right one around the trigger, finger off the trigger. He smiled as he thought that even though he was a rookie, he was one of the best shots in the precinct, not as accurate as Harry Clawhan with his big Humiliation / Oldskull - Death Crawling / Night Howler he did use his handgun for intimidation every now and then, never actually pulling the trigger outside the firing range.

As he advanced through the dark, musty corridor, he found himself staring down a flight of stairs leading downwards to a basement. He smelled something… disturbing. Something familiar and horrifying, yet something that not even his keen nose could place. Sector clear, descending into basement. Report status, over. Even when she was official and neutral and speaking into a walkie-talkie, her voice sounded so vibrant, so alive, so her …. Nick descended down the stairs, Subito - Various - The Real Popcorn Collection Vol.

2 darkness making even him consider for a minute to turn on his flashlight. Not How Could An Angel Break My Heart - Kenny G - Greatest Hits he couldn't see, but it was simply… disturbing.

A feeling of dread and fear set itself into his chest descending into his gut, ending with a shiver down his spine. Nick found himself breathing heavily. But he couldn't place just what was scaring him this much…. If there's anything, she'll call me via radio" Nick thought, trying to keep himself calm.


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  1. HUMILIATION / OLDSKULL – “Death Crawling / Night Howler” split 7″ (yellow) INCINERATOR – “Human Garbage” 7″ PYRE / INTERMENT – “There Is No Redemtion At The Gates Of Wrath” split 7″.
  2. Karttakorn. Real/full name: Pongsakorn Boonkrakong (พงศกร บุญประคอง) Oldskull. As AKK Drums (present) Remains. Bass (), Drums () Oldskull. As AKK Death Crawling / Night Howler (Split) Drums: Added by: Zoham: Modified by: Panther Added on: Last modified on:
  3. Oldskull Merch by Inhuman assault production - Online Store Powered by Storenvy. Oldskull - Night Howler (T-Shirt) $; Sold Out. Oldskull - Oldskull of death $; Sold Out. Oldskull - Oldskull of death $; Sold Out. Oldskull - Oldskull of death $; Powered by Storenvy.
  4. Oldskull. K likes. Siamese Old School Metal of DEATH. Triple Six Productions & Inhuman Assault Productions. TSP & IH The vinyl contains 9 tracks in total. 4 tracks from Oldskull of Death (EP), 2 tracks from Night Howler (Split EP 7”) and 3 live tracks from Bang-Cock Deathfest (Part II).
  5. Humiliation: Recorded at HMDM studio, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. Drums recorded on January 28th, Guitars and bass recorded on February th, Vocals recorded on February 26th, Mixed and mastered on March th, Oldskull: Guitars, bass and vocals recorded at Conspiracy studio, Nonthaburi, Thailand.
  6. Type: Full-length Release date: August 11th, Catalog ID: BAR Version desc.: Digipak Label: Brutal Art Records Format: CD Reviews: None yet.

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