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Babylon Mayne - Errthangz Like A Jungle

Label: 44 Hustler Entertainment - none • Format: Cassette Limited Edition, Numbered • Country: Germany • Genre: Electronic, Hip Hop • Style: Chillwave
Download Babylon Mayne - Errthangz Like A Jungle

Show less Ask a Question Related Articles. Getting lost in the jungle can happen when you least expect it. Maybe you wandered off of a trail and got disoriented, or maybe your plane made a crash landing in the middle of the jungle.

Either way, your main priorities are to find food and water, build a shelter, and avoid common dangers such as predators. This is a basic overview of what you need to do to survive in the jungle and does not cover all the things you need to do in detail. This article was co-authored by our trained team of editors and researchers who validated it for accuracy and comprehensiveness.

Together, they cited information from 16 references. Categories: Outdoor Survival. Log in Facebook Loading Google Loading Civic Loading No account yet?

Create an account. Edit this Article. We use cookies to make wikiHow great. By using our site, you agree to our cookie policy. Article Edit. Learn Al Jardín De La República - Mercedes Sosa - Mercedes Sosa En Argentina people trust wikiHow. Learn more Method 1. Collect rainfall from leaves and bamboo stalks. Look for large leaves that collect rainfall and bend them into a funnel to pour the water into a bottle or straight into your mouth.

Bend bamboo stalks to let the water that collects in the compartments flow out into a container or break the bamboo compartment off at the line that goes across the stalk to use it as a water bottle. Take any opportunity you get to rehydrate and refill any water bottles or containers that you have. You could also look for rock formations that form natural pools and collect rainwater, but it is best to do this after a fresh rainfall to avoid pools that have been sitting for a long time and may be contaminated with bacteria.

You can also leave these items out when it rains to collect the fresh water. Boil water from streams to kill any bacteria. Look for running streams Just Sayin Tho - Various - So Fresh Clothing Presents: Quit Hatin On The Bay: Crushing The Block E find fresh water.

Filter out any particles through a sock, shirt, or other fabric, then start a fire and boil the water to kill bacteria that can make you sick. If you have no way of making a fire or boiling the water, then you should avoid drinking water from streams.

It can be contaminated with many types of bacteria from animals that will make you very sick. Always avoid drinking water from stagnant pools as the water is likely contaminated. Make a solar water still with a container and a plastic sheet.

Dig a hole in an area that receives at least some direct sunlight and put a container, such as a water bottle or can, in the middle of the hole.

Fill the space between the sides of the hole and the container with wet leaves. Place a plastic sheet over the top of the hole and put rocks or other heavy objects around the edges to hold it in Babylon Mayne - Errthangz Like A Jungle. Put a small stone in the middle of the sheet above the container. This water is distilled and safe to drink.

A solar still does not collect large amounts of water. It should be used as a supplemental source Babylon Mayne - Errthangz Like A Jungle water rather than a primary source. Method 2. Look for fruits and plants that you recognize and are safe to eat. Jungles are full of tropical fruits and edible plants if you know what to look for.

Bamboo and palms are also safe to eat and commonly found in jungles. Almost all types of palm trees have an edible "heart" that you can harvest from the inside of the tree. You can eat bamboo shoots, in other words bamboo that is just starting to grow, but you should boil them before eating them as they are quite tough. Build simple hole-in-the-ground traps to catch animals. Dig a hole in the ground and cover it with something like a large leaf. Put a piece of fruit in the Babylon Mayne - Errthangz Like A Jungle as bait.

When an animal comes to take the fruit, they will fall in the hole and you can kill it, skin itand cook it to eat it. Animals you could trap in the jungle include monkeys, lizards, and rodents, and other small mammals. Setting traps is much more efficient and you just have to wait for the animals to come to you instead of wasting energy and time trying to hunt them. You can also use the rocks to carve knives and spears out of bamboo or other branches.

Make a 4-pronged bamboo spear to fish with. Find a 6-ft Babylon Mayne - Errthangz Like A Jungle . Weave a piece of vine into the slits to separate the tip of the bamboo into 4 prongs and sharpen them with a knife or a sharp rock.

Stand still and wait until you see a fish, then spear it with the pronged end of the bamboo and pin it to the ground of the stream.

Method 3. Find a long, straight stick and lean it against a tree to create a lean-to. Make sure the stick is long enough that you will fit under it to sleep. Place one end against the trunk of a tree, high enough that you can fit under it, and the other end against the ground. Place shorter sticks and branches against the sides of the center pole. Line the length of the middle stick with branches going outward towards the ground at a degree angle.

The more sticks Babylon Mayne - Errthangz Like A Jungle can find to place along the sides, the easier it will be to cover your shelter. Cover the sides with leaves and foliage to cover the lean-to shelter.

Find large leaves and lay them over top of the frame you built. Cover the shelter as well as you can to protect you from the elements and keep animals out. Method 4. Be careful when you cross rivers and use a stick for balance. Rivers contain many perils such as slippery rocks and strong currents that can lead to injuries. Choose the shallowest point you can find to cross and avoid crossing anything deeper than knee deep unless you have to. Watch out for things like leeches and larger threats like crocodiles.

Protect yourself from mosquito bites that could give you a disease. Always wear mosquito repellent, if you have it, and keep your skin covered as much as possible with your clothing. Rub mud on your exposed skin to protect it from mosquito bites as well. If you get sick with any of these, it will be very hard to keep moving and survive in the jungle. Cover your head and neck to avoid heatstroke, Feelin Free - Nat Whitworth And The New Million Airs Orchestra - Blow And Go!, and dehydration.

Keep all of your clothes on and wrap a shirt, or any other spare fabric, over your head and Babylon Mayne - Errthangz Like A Jungle to protect yourself from the sun. Dehydration and heat exhaustion are your worst enemies when surviving in the jungle.

Watch out for predators and carry something to protect yourself as Mein Flanderland - Klaus Hoffmann - Ich Will Gesang, Will Spiel Und Tanz last resort. When you see a potential predator, such as a large jungle cat, back slowly away and I Never Knew I Could Love Anybody - Billy Daniels - Torch Hour (Vinyl, Album) prepared to fight if they attack.

Make a spear from bamboo or a stick to carry as a weapon and use as a last resort. Also watch out for underwater predators such as alligators, caimans, crocodiles, and anacondas.

You Babylon Mayne - Errthangz Like A Jungle need to watch out for smaller animals that can harm you, such as snakes and spiders. Try not to grab any vegetation with your Babylon Mayne - Errthangz Like A Jungle where animals could be lurking and end up biting you. Method 5. Stop, think, observe, and plan. Remember the acronym STOP and follow it when you get lost in the jungle. Stop to rest and think about where you came from, observe your surroundings, try to orient yourself, then plan how you are going to get out or get rescued.

You need to clear your mind of emotions like fear in order to think logically and increase your odds of survival. Stay with the plane if you are stuck in the jungle because of a plane crash. Rescuers may come looking for you.

Stay at the crash site unless you are sure nobody is coming for you, then you need to start moving to get out of the jungle. Create a message that can be seen from the air if you're trying to get rescued. This will increase your chances of someone coming to look for you.

Think about where you came from if you got lost on foot. Orient yourself using any landmarks you remember, such as a hill in the distance or a river. Get back to a point you remember to find the trail again or head back in the direction of a village that you came Babylon Mayne - Errthangz Like A Jungle .


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  2. Jan 15,  · Stay with the plane if you are stuck in the jungle because of a plane crash. Rescuers may come looking for you. Stay at the crash site unless you are sure nobody is coming for you, then you need to start moving to get out of the jungle. Listen for sounds like helicopters or planes, and try to stay in a clear area where you can be seen%(28).
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