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Drowning In The Sea Of Sin - The Exciting Supreme Highlights - Cross Jordan

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Download Drowning In The Sea Of Sin - The Exciting Supreme Highlights - Cross Jordan

It's a fact and I am envious of Dave because he can always Obsesión - Rata Blanca - Entre El Cielo Y El Infierno back in a pool, relax and enjoy floating on the top of the water with very little effort. Unless I constantly tread water, wave my hands or kick my feet, I cannot float.

The minute I stop moving, I sink. So it was very exciting when we went to the Dead Sea in Jordan. This is a place where anyone can float and I was determined to put this rumour to the test. I know what your thinking, Holiday Inn Resort? While we did have our fair share of problems with two other 5 star hotels in Jordan this was one of the better ones we stayed at outside of Amman. It isn't your typical Holiday Inn, it is more upscale than the ones we normally frequent during our road trips to Florida and hey, we were here for the Dead Sea, not the hotel.

The only problem was how generic this hotel is. It could be located anywhere in the world. At meters below sea level, the banks of the Dead Sea of Jordan are indeed the lowest point on earth.

To give you an idea of the saline levels, the ocean has a salt concentration of only 3. And that my friends is exactly why we humans have such an easy time floating in the Dead Sea. It is only 67km long and 18 km wide at it's widest point.

However it is deep. Where we were located it is only about 7km wide giving us a clear view of Israel across the pond. You can't visit the Dead Sea without slathering your entire body with The Time Machine - HP Lovecraft - This Is HP Lovecraft / HP Lovecraft II black goo.

It just wouldn't be right! The medicinal mud from its shores have a healing power that people swear by and after you have washed yourself off, your skin will feel just like a baby's bottom. People actually come to the Dead Sea for a month at a time to take advantage of its healing benefits. It was warm and didn't feel too different from any other body of water I had walked into, but I was a little worried about what the salt concentration would do to the camera.

Dave told me to relax and enjoy the experience. I dutifully listened. The minute I Sixteen Tons - Hunchback And The Trashies - Together At Last back into the water, I could not believe the feeling.

I actually felt like I had water wings on my legs and shoulders allowing me to float with ease in the thick waters of the Dead Sea. Dave could still float higher and easier than me, but I didn't care, I was floating! Dave kicked himself for not bringing a newspaper down so that we could grab that ultra cheesy tourist shot of us reading the newspaper in the water.

But no matter, we still managed to be quite cheesy when it came to grabbing snapshots. We played around in the good old Dead Sea for quite a while until it began to sting my skin. Dave lasted 15 minutes longer than me. I enjoyed a shower on the beach and a lounge under a sun umbrella while he took advantage of every minute in the water. This could be the only time in our lives that we could experience such a phenomenon and he was taking advantage of every second.

The salt of the Dead Sea is strong and you must be careful not to submerge your face into the water. It will sting your eyes something fierce. If you have a cut of any kind, you will definitely feel it and will not last very long in this second most densely salted body of water in the world. After our fun and frolicking, we hit the pool of the hotel for a little bit of pampering. This Holiday Inn definitely has it's fair share of pools.

We even found a quiet kiddy pool near our hotel room complete with canopy to shade the little tykes from the harmful UV rays of the sun. It was pretty cool being at the Dead Sea. Not only is it an awesome break in your Jordan Adventure to spend a day or two by the sea, it is a major historical destination. It was a refuge for King David, a health resort for Herod the Great and it was used in the mummification process for the ancient Egyptians.

This sea has definitely seen it's share of history. We ended our night having dinner at the Movenpick Hotel. Their friendly PR contact came out to greet us, took us on a tour of the hotel and treated us to a delicious meal of anything we would like. We stayed all day at the Holiday Inn and didn't hear a peep from them. One dinner at the Movenpick and we felt like we could stay the week and never tire of the atmosphere.

They had fabulous entertainment going on right in front of our table and we would have loved to have joined the crowd in trying a Sheesha while watching the Belly Dancer perform. This place was beautiful and exactly what we would have wanted. It felt like a little piece of the Middle East, smack dab in the middle of the Middle East.

Jerash — Welcome to the Ancient Roman City. Dave and Deb are the owners and founders of The Planet D. Since launching in they have continued to inspire "Adventure in Everyone" and show that you don't have to be an uber athlete or super-rich in order to be an adventurer.

Your email address will not be published. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Really amazing photos. Any thoughts? The Wadi Mujib trek was very safe with guides making sure you slide, jump and abseil in all the right places, you should be fine either way.

However, the dead Sea is not a place to linger in. In the UK it would be defined as chemical waste and need a licence to transfer it. People are friendly and in Amman you can buy your Sharwarma at the same shop that the King calls in. This post makes me want to hop on a plane to the Dead Sea tomorrow! They even have their own ice cream.

I look forward to following you two more closely :. Haha, it certainly did feel good afterwards, but it stung my skin a little too much during. I have super sensitive skin, Dave fared better than me. You are amazing with your photos- you should sell them to the tourist office! Wow, smog in the winter. I would have expected the opposite. Here in Canada we have fog in the summer.

It just goes to show how different the world is. Thanks for the compliment about the photos. Actually I also worked on a farm there and every evening you could feel the mineral-rich breeze coming from the sea.

It was wonderful. PS: The second-to-last picture is really gorgeous! Actually, while doing research, I have read that people drown every year. Not from sinking, but because of trying to swim while being so buoyant. People try to do the breast stroke and front crawl and end up not being able to swim properly because their legs float so much. You are supposed to lay in the Dead Sea, not swim. Who would have thought eh?

Very cool that you were there just a month ago. The world is shrinking rapidly with the invention of the Internet. It is cool to be able to float like that. Now I want to try out some of that famous mud! I think I have a Trouble - Climax Blues Band - Drastic Steps in my facial cleanser. I remember us all trying to float in the pool years ago while my mom and Dave laid back and mocked Dad, Val and I for our futile efforts :-D.

So I would be so happy to come here and test it out too. I always envy at my fiance how he can swim and float. Love Drowning In The Sea Of Sin - The Exciting Supreme Highlights - Cross Jordan shots of the Dead Sea.

What a great post! I remember learning about the Dead Sea when I was in school around 12 or 13 years old and being fascinated with it ever since! Sounds like you guys had a lot of fun. Good post, guys. I remember sitting by the Dead Sea — on the East Bank, looking over to the troubled West Bank — it was at Drowning In The Sea Of Sin - The Exciting Supreme Highlights - Cross Jordan start of the intifada — so close and yet so far away.

They even manage to make airport hotels e. Thanks Debbie. Good to hear, because that was the goal. We had to look cool for our shots Love the clouds on the Drowning In The Sea Of Sin - The Exciting Supreme Highlights - Cross Jordan last picture — great capture Dave!

We ended up taking a Drowning In The Sea Of Sin - The Exciting Supreme Highlights - Cross Jordan trip from Amman and spent a couple hours at Amman Beach, which was really nice also.


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  2. The Dead Sea is one of Jordan’s major natural highlights. And once you see the crystal clear, intense blue water up close, you’ll know why. Unfortunately the Dead Sea shrinks. Each year it retreats further from the shore, leaving behind a surreal landscape of stones coated with a thick crust of salt crystals.
  3. Drowning in the Sea of Love Lyrics: I've been down one time / I've been down two times / But now I'm drowning, drowning in the sea of love / Let me tell ya all about it / I've been out here so.
  4. The Dead Sea in Jordon is actually not a sea, it is a lake made up of 30% of salt. It is the lowest place on earth, with its altitude being feet below sea level. The salts of this sea are known to cure many skin conditions and helps with respiratory problems also.
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  6. 2-Day Petra, Wadi Rum, Red Sea and Dead Sea Tour from Amman Discover the heart of Jordan on this 2-day tour, with a night stay at a Bedouin camp in the Wadi Rum. Visit Petra, the rose-pink new Wonder of the World, Wadi Rum, often used as a stand-in for Mars, the .

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