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Turn The Light On - The Mighty Gospel True Lights - Turn The Light On

Label: Elvitrue Records - S-C-5791 • Format: Vinyl LP, Album, Stereo • Country: US • Genre: Funk / Soul • Style: Gospel
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Yes, sir. All right. Is this the Thank you, sir. I see it's getting a little rebound back there, and so Morning, friends. Can you hear me all right back there? That stopped it. Thank you. I'm certainly a privileged person this morning, to come here at this platform, after such noble testimonies has been given to try to--to place just a little more with what they have said to bring blessings to us as we've enjoyed this morning.

Now, I noticed some of them were Turn The Light On - The Mighty Gospel True Lights - Turn The Light On A brother says, "I think we're going to have to put it in the middle, Brother Branham.

Is that better? Well, everyone up here had a real bright, brilliant testimony. How I appreciate that, that fine testimony for the Lord. Now, we're going to approach the Word. And I, this week, I have purposed in my heart not to keep people these two and three hours, setting, listening to me.

I tell you why I--I do that, friends. I'm uneducated, and I only can speak by inspiration. Now, a man that's got an education, when he's inspired too; but he can explain what he's talking about by his education, draw out words that will let the people know what he's talking about.

Without an education, I have to take symbols of nature and express through the inspiration that I have. And that makes it pretty hard sometimes for the people Patton Oswalt - Finest Hour really to understand. We find that I was very disturbed about it until I found in the Bible that God did the same manner, same way. And we notice how he expressed it. He said, "You generation of snakes.

Now, some other man might've been able to have brought down some word that would've said, "impostors" or Good Time (Masters At Work Mix) - Various - DJs Take Control - The Collection word he could have used to express that.

But John used the word "snake. So then he said, "Don't begin to think to say within yourselves, that, "we belong to this and we belong to that," 'cause I tell you, God's able of these rocks here," See, see?

And, also, "The axe is laid to the root of the tree. He just had those expressions, for perhaps he never had any schooling. Let us bow our heads just a moment. I have requests here for prayer. Turn The Light On - The Mighty Gospel True Lights - Turn The Light On , that is my ministry, praying for the sick. And I've got requests in here, some very outstanding requests. And I know there's many in here. And if there's some this morning that would like to be remembered, would you just raise up your hands to God, say, "I Especially this brother's young, beautiful daughter that's been torn up in that accident, I pray for that child, Lord.

And I pray for all the other requests. And the ones that secretly to us now, only to the one that raised their hand; but Thou art the infinite God, and You know every motive and all of our requests.

And we pray that You'll answer. Because You promised it; we believe it. And we ask now that You'll take these few words that we shall read and inspire them to us, Lord, as we wait upon Thee. May the Holy Spirit draw nigh unto each one, and reveal to us the interpretation of the Word. For we ask it in Jesus' Name. That's all right. While I'm turning now, I have a Used to be I could remember my Scriptures and things without having a--a note, but since I've passed twenty-five, it don't work so good.

I--I have to remember it by writing it out. Now we're going Can you hear that better? In the back they're shaking their heads. And how would this be like this, can you hear that? How about that, that better? That's good. Behold my servant, who I uphold; mine elect, in whom my soul delighteth; I He shall not cry, nor lift up, nor cause his voice to be heard in the street.

A bruised reed shall Turn The Light On - The Mighty Gospel True Lights - Turn The Light On not break, He shall not fail nor be discouraged, till he have set judgment unto the earth: and the isles shall wait for his law.

Thus saith Now when Jesus had heard that John was cast into prison, he departed into Galilee; From that time Jesus began to preach, Say, Repent: for the kingdom of heaven is at hand. The Lord bless His Word. I Feel Love - Various - Night Dance, my subject this morning is: "Turn On The Light. McAnally, I think he's present; I seen his truck outside.

Sometime ago we were setting, one of my first trips Turn The Light On - The Mighty Gospel True Lights - Turn The Light On to Arizona to go hunting. We were setting out here near the superstitious mountain. I'd heard of it for a long time and heard many of the legends that had been told about the Superstition. I remember looking for it the first time; it was before day, and a great ghosty shadow hung at the east of me, which was known as the Superstition.

I'd heard about the Indians, how they wouldn't go near it, how they were afraid, how the Spanish had mistreated them in the early days when they was hunting gold. They claimed that evil spirits lived in it. All this stirred my curiosity. But I only had a flashlight to see the Superstition first.

And then I watched until after while the majesty of the sun begin to move upon the darkness. And when it did, it separated the darkness from the light, and pressed the darkness back. Finally, she raised to her highness, up over the top of the mountain, and it showed Superstition just what it was. It lit up and showed what it was. And all the spooks and fears that I had of the Superstition, when the sun was shining in its power upon it, all fled away.

No matter how much artificial light that we can have, and how many great electric rays we can produce; when that sun rises, all the rest of them dim out. That's the same thing it is with the Word of God.

When the Word of God rises, all superstitions, denominational fanaticisms and things, spread away, and it shows it just exactly what it is. God in the beginning said, "Let there be light. God separated the light from the darkness in the beginning. And the Word of God made manifest always separates the Light from the darkness. People can rise up with this, that, or the other; isms can rise, communism, fascism, and all other isms can rise; superstitions, cults, whatever it might be, might rise.

But when that King Light of the Bible raises up, all superstitions and things But, you see, we know it's there, but until It's a vindicated, proves Its Light, then we have no right to argue against That, because It shuts all other light out.

Jesus said, "Let every man's word be a lie, and Mine be the Truth. His Word is Light. Now, His seed was Val Doonican & The George Mitchell Choir* - The Blue And The Grey - Songs Of The Civil War (Reel-To- in the earth, because He'd planted it there.

Now He needed light to bring forth that seed, to make that seed live, because the seed was already there. Just like it is in each age, God has foretold us what would take place in each age.

The only thing He needs is the manifestation of the Light of God upon that Scripture to make it live for that age. Just a And it will do it as long as the Light can get to the Word.

If the Word's germitized, It'll make it live if it's a promise for that day. You might plant wheat at one time, or grain at another time. Some come slower than other, because it depends on the season. God's Word comes in season, the law and the grace, and so forth, as we've went on down through the ages.


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